A great Day for Tanzania/Kenya Delegation


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Another reason to “Celebrate.”

Arusha 16th December: “Girl guides – be prepared!” were familiar words we heard coming from our 15 Junior sisters as they participated in a special programme prepared for them during their Junior Get-together this December. Thirteen of them, as well as three teachers from Notre Dame Primary School: Benedicta, Zainas and Margaret, became “Certified Trainers for Guiders of Girl Guides.”

The programme planned by Sisters Mary Shobana, Neelima and Sangeeta was supported and also conducted by Patricia, the Regional Girl Guide Trainer, Esther, the Regional Girl Guide Commissioner, Mama Annatoli, the Regional Treasurer and Nancy and Grace from the Girl Guides of Tanzania. All that can be said for all that took place, is “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!”

In 1909, Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, decided that girls should not be in the same organization as the boys, and the Girl Guides were founded in the UK in 1910. Many, though by no means all, Girl Guide and Girl Scout groups across the globe trace their roots to this point. Agnes Baden-Powell was in charge of Girl Guiding in UK in its early years

The Tanzania Girl Guides Association is the national Guiding organization of Tanzania. It serves 17,233 members (as of 2003). The first Guide Company was founded in Tanganyika in 1928, and the girls-only organization became a full member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1963.

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Great Days in Formation House with the Come and See group

Arusha 12th December: Eighteen young women were brought to the Formation House by Sister Mary Roshini, SND and our postulant Gladness. These young women came from Rombo in the diocese of Moshi, Tanzania. Rombo is especially noted for its faithful Christians and so it is no wonder that the response was so positive for the invitation to Come and See. These young women were from five different parishes and most of them were studying in Form III or IV. They have come with a strong desire to join the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame after their studies.

wonderful young women

Sisters Mary Annete and Roshini, with the help of the postulants and novices, conducted three days of workshop for them. They seem to have already fallen in love with the congregation and their way of life. Since the Formation house regularly conducts such programme for the young women of Tanzania in the month of June and December, they already look forward to the June gathering.

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Two SNDs receive a “Hearty Congratulations!”

Arusha 3rd December: What a great day 3rd December was for Sisters Mary Elizabeth and Magdalene. These two sisters completed their three-year Child Developers Programme and qualified as Montessori Teachers of pre-school children from three to six years. This graduation marked a special day in lives of these two Sisters and was also a very special day in the Holy Spirit Delegation since they are committed to many nursery schools in Tanzania and Kenya. Sisters Mary Elizabeth and Magdalene were observed, tested, and performed so well. This was evidenced through their supervising teachers and the remarks on their certificates. Surely the children here are in great need of such qualified and dedicated Montessori Teachers.

It may be mentioned that the Sisters of Notre Dame are great Educators and they have already established about seven Nursery schools in Tanzania and Kenya within these few years of their existence here in Africa.

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The Great Masai people invite Notre Dames to Simanjiro

Arusha Oct 10: Legendary Masai people have invited the Notre Dame Sisters to their Region in Tanzania. On their invitation, the sisters led by Sr. Mukti and team visited the Masai village in Simanjiro.

Elders of Masai in Simanjiro

When the winds howled past the parched lands of Simanjiro, the Elders of the Masai sat together to discuss the details of an educational venture in the region. The sisters have accepted their generous offer of a large tract of land to establish a convent and a school.

Masai women at their homes the "Bomas"

It may be mentioned that of all African peoples, the Maasai are one of the best known to the western world. Since they share their territory with one of the greatest collections of wildlife on earth, they have close contact with visitors who go on safari in East Africa, and their distinctive dress, weapons and bead jewellery are familiar from magazines and travel brochures. They also have a reputation as brave fighters who kept the slave trade at bay and challenged early explorers. Yet today they are having to struggle to keep their identity and what remains of their land.

On the way to Simanjiro: Zebras and Gazelles

The Maasai probably arrived in East Africa from the north (some say the Nile valley) some time in the 15th century A.D. Until the 19th century they dominated the grass plains that stretch from lake Victoria Nyanza east almost to the Indian ocean, and from the highlands north of Nairobi south to the Maasai steppe of Tanzania.

Srs. Mukti and Rashmi among the Masai Children

But in the late 19th century cholera and diseases affecting their cattle nearly wiped them out, and the northern part of their land was taken over by European settlers through treaties with the British colonial administration. As a consequence today they are confined to a much smaller area in Kajiado and Narok districts of Kenya, and Kiteto, Ngorongoro and Simanjiro districts of Arusha region in Tanzania.

Srs. Mukti and Rashmi have already got involved in the educaiton of the little ones in Simanjiro. It is hoped that the Notre Dame Sisters as educators would play a significant role among Masai people.

Future Teachers for Masai children: Novices and Postulants in Njiro

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Visit to Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania

Arusha Oct 4: Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Ecology is celebrated on this day. St. Francis looked at the creation calling everybody and everything as his brothers and sisters. He spoke of a rare brand of harmony in his times.

Lions reposing in the afternoon sun

Where do you find such friendly atmosphere other than in the famous Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.

Notre Dames organized a short trip to the Ngorongoro crater with Srs.Sreeja, Sharan, Sally and few visitors. They feasted their eyes with varieties of animals living almost in total harmony.

Ubiquitous Zebras of Africa!

Ngorongoro crater is about 150 kilometers from Njiro. They traversed the distance in a few hours on a jeep. All of them were curious to see the ninth wonder of the world, a natural crater that shelters varieties of animals. Time stopped in the crater millions of years ago.

Srs. Roshni, Sharan and Srjeeja at the Crater

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Sr. Aruna SND missioned to Papua New Guinea

Arusha 21 Sept 2010: Notre Sisters got a feather on their cap when they sent Sr. Aruna SND to Papua New Guinea (PNG). The Provincial Sr. Sreeja and the Tanzania/Kenya Delegation missioned her to PNG.

Sr. Aruna (far left) missioned off by Srs. Sreeja, Mukti and Shobha

It may be mentioned that Sr. Aruna has been one of the first pioneers in the African Continent in the nineties.

Sr. Aruna with her educational background would contribute much to the PNG mission of educating girls.

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