Great Days in Formation House with the Come and See group

Arusha 12th December: Eighteen young women were brought to the Formation House by Sister Mary Roshini, SND and our postulant Gladness. These young women came from Rombo in the diocese of Moshi, Tanzania. Rombo is especially noted for its faithful Christians and so it is no wonder that the response was so positive for the invitation to Come and See. These young women were from five different parishes and most of them were studying in Form III or IV. They have come with a strong desire to join the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame after their studies.

wonderful young women

Sisters Mary Annete and Roshini, with the help of the postulants and novices, conducted three days of workshop for them. They seem to have already fallen in love with the congregation and their way of life. Since the Formation house regularly conducts such programme for the young women of Tanzania in the month of June and December, they already look forward to the June gathering.


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Of the Sisters of Notre Dame working in Tanzania, East Africa
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1 Response to Great Days in Formation House with the Come and See group

  1. Jyotsana Trivedi says:

    Wow! So thrilled to know that my Notre Dame Sisters are active in Africa. I felt very proud of them esp. Sr. Roshni who taught me in the Montessori in ND Patna. She looks the same too.
    God bless your efforts Sister. I am a housewife with two kids. While surfing I came across your blog.
    It is so amazing to see that you have Kenyan Sisters already and are getting more of them. They must be trained to look after their people. They would do it better than us, Indians. Very very very proud of you.

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